Inspire The Love - Thirty Days of Love Tips

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This couple's devotional is comprised of 30 of the most loved Facebook posts of the “Love Tip of the Day” from a 2-year journey.  That’s right the author made love tips every day for 2 years to inspire love in his post-readers in hopes that the tips may strengthen the relationships of both the married and the single.  It spawned from texting marriage-counseling tips to couples whose wedding he officiated.  He knew others could benefit from these same tips.  Hence, he began posting the 730 Love Tips of the Day on Facebook.  Who knew that 2 years later he would continue, “tipping” his Facebook “Love Tippers” to stay engaged in their love pursuit.  His goal was to inspire them to love deeper and to love more.  Now he wants to broaden his efforts to inspire the world to love more.  By following these daily tips, you will be inspired to love more and inspire your Love to love you more.  Now take this opportunity to learn to inspire the love you desire.

I'm loving this!

Dr. Kellee Farris


God has truly blessed both me and my husband Patrick with Robin.  He has a been a friend, a confidant, and a true brother in Christ. Inspiring love through the difficult times in our marriage and celebrating our love with us in the good times.  I couldn't think of a better person to write a book with this as its centerpiece.  I encourage all of you to take the time to pre-order this book and get ready to experience love giving and love receiving like you never have before.  I know we will, order it, use it, enjoy it and inspire our love.

Nicole S. Hart, Founder and CEO ARVets -


I am  happy to recommend Robin's book 'Love Tips' for 3 reasons.  One, you'll see Robin's wisdom surpasses his 'years'.  Two, you'll notice his 'sincerity of heart' in the book.  Third and most important is that he 'practices what he has written' with his beautiful and devoted wife, 'Anita Baby', plus he's my #1 Son, (please don't tell his brother, Colby I said that, and just so that he  does not get the 'big head' his sister Kellee is smarter than both brothers-put together...).

from your parents,

Dr. L. C. and Vallary Mitchell